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Thread: Ping and Wake-on-LAN (WOL) problem

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    Default Ping and Wake-on-LAN (WOL) problem

    Situation summary:

    I am running Win7 Pro 64-bit.

    My computer is hardwired with another machine on an ethernet.

    My machine CANNOT ping itself using (Ping fails.)

    My machine CANNOT ping itself using its IP address. (Ping fails.)

    My machine CAN ping itself using its name.

    My machine CAN ping the other machine on LAN with either IP or name.

    Wake On LAN (from the other machine), using "Wake On LAN Ex2", DOES NOT WORK. (WOL allows the other computer on the network to awaken my computer from sleep -- so it can print to my machine's shared printer, for example.)

    Ping and WOL worked before installing ZA Free.


    Uninstall Zonealarm Free from my machine, and restart it. All the above problems were fixed -- ping and Wake On LAN work properly.


    If my uninstallation of ZA to solve this problem was too harsh, I would appreciate hearing of a less drastic solution. I like ZA's user interface, and ease of use, and would like to be able to use it.

    I spent hours trying to solve this problem, disabling services, startup programs, etc. Google led me to posts of other Zonealarm users who were unable to ping their own machines.

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    Using the Forum "SEARCH" feature I found the Following Post by the Forum Moderator:


    Have tested Wake on LAN with ZA FREE and All paid versions.

    ZA Free

    All ZA Paid versions

    Wake on LAN functionality works fine ZoneAlarm does not block it with default settings. If you changed any of your ZA setting then that could be the cause of the issue.

    Testing environment XP SP3 all critical and non-critical Microsoft updates applied to the PC.

    Using a WOL feature in a router firmware to wake PC every 60 seconds.

    PC placed in Standby, and Hibernate will power up when wol signal is received with no issue at all.

    Its possible the wol method your using is not working properly or has a bug and thus not waking properly with ZA running. Its not a ZA bug.

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