We just moved into a new place and signed up for at&t dsl uverse to be our new internet provider, and now my win7pro x64 desktop machine (which is cat5 cable connected to the at&t-provided uverse 2wire router) takes about 30 seconds after bootup to obtain an internet connection. During that time I have a yellow exclamation mark in the network tray icon, which shows that I am network connected but not internet connected. Then that yellow mark goes away after 30 seconds and I can then use the internet. This is using the windows default tcpip settings.

However if I use a static dns server (opendns, google, whatever), the internet connection at boot up is immediate.

OR, if I install ZA free firewall and use the default tcpip settings (meaning dns is automatic, not static), in that case the internet connection is also immediate. This post is a question to ZA experts: what is ZA doing that eliminates the startup connection delay when using automatic dns with uverse?

In a curious and possibly related issue, ZA fixes a networking problem that some windows users have with MS update kb976902.


thank you