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Thread: 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

    There really is a question at the end of this, mostly informational, post...

    This discussion was begun in the middle of an apparently unrelated thread title at, but this new information seems important enough to deserve its own thread. I hope our moderators will agree.

    After a prolonged dialog with Tech Support through Live Chat about one of the "anomalies" that I have encountered with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 10.x (but never with earlier versions!) on a Windows XP SP3 system, I have finally received the following, apparently definitive, guidance, quoted verbatim:

    "Below is the information I received from development regarding the limited account.
    There are issues with limited accounts. In fact there are issues during install where all the components wont install.
    So for now, no Limited user support. Only Admin access during install and while running ZoneAlarm."

    Here's my conundrum: Although I doubt anyone would expect to install such a product from a 'Limited User' account, day-to-day running from such an account is another matter entirely. To quote from p.10 of Microsoft's Windows XP Professional "For distribution only with a new PC/start here" guide (version 2002), "Important: Running Windows XP as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to unnecessary security risks. Instead use your user account to perform routine tasks such as running programs, working on documents, and visitng Internet sites." Similar advice is even more stridently expressed in various third-party books about installing and using XP. Nevertheless, ZA Tech Support tells us that its "security" software is not compatible with the 'Limited User' accounts that Microsoft recommends.

    Question: Is it the consensus of this forum to use ZA products and ignore Microsoft's security advice to run routinely as a 'Limited User?'

    Thanks in advance for any clarification. -- jclarkw

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    Smile Re: 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

    Thank you for your feedback and clarification on your Problems installing ZA Extreme Security..

    If your had used the Forum "SEARCH" function or read some of the post in the ZA Intalation section, you would have seen that there are 100's of post stating that YOU MUST INSTALL ZONE ALARM ON THE WINDOWS BOOT C:\ DRIVE UNDER AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT..

    as I stated in your first post on this issue..

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, or around the World, without All the Details about your computer and Software that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    I'm glad to see that Tech Support has resolved your issue for you ..

    Thank you..
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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

    GeorgeV -- I fear that I have misled you with my verbage. My point is not that you can't INSTALL ZA from a 'Limited User' account but that you can't even RUN it reliably from such an account after a proper installation. -- jclarkw

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    Default Re: 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

    Maybe you have mis-understord what Tech Support told you?

    If your Windows Computer is Fully updated with latest Microsoft Updates, and meets the minimum System configuration Requirements for installing Zone Alarm v10.1.079.000

    and Zone Alarm was successfully installed under an Adminitrators Account..

    after you Reboot, you can Logon under a limited account and be fully protected by Zone Alarm.. I am doing it successfully on two of my computers right now..

    you should have no conflict unless there is something wrong or corrupted on your computer..

    With Millions of users of Zone Alarm, if this was a wide spread problem, there would be 100's of "Limited Account" failure post.

    You may have other Security program or Remnats of other security programs installed that Block or corrupt Zone Alarm..
    or a Corruption of your Windows OS..
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    Default Re: 'Limited User' Accounts vs. ZoneAlarm

    At each new version released some users claim for bugs in LUA that was not present in previous versions. This has happened for version 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Now its time for the 10. I personally tested 10 on LUA and I can't see any evident problem as I could not in previous versions.

    I understand your frustration, but I am afraid this cannot be solved here. As you probably know by now, this is just a "user to user" support platform on common product related issues. You will need to keep coming back to ZA official support about what you are experiencing. No report, no fix. This is also valid for other users experiencing the problem. If you cannot find a solution then probably its time to claim for a refund, if applicable. And then test other solutions that works well under your set-up.

    Moreover, judging from the amount of issues (and posts) you are having with this and past versions of ZA I think its time to test other solutions to avoid ending up spending your time in troubleshooting problems instead of actually using the system.

    I am closing this thread since we have said all we could about the issue. Unfortunately, cannot be addressed here. If you happen to resolve the issue please do not hesitate to PM I re-open the thread to allow sharing the resolution with others users.

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