There really is a question at the end of this, mostly informational, post...

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After a prolonged dialog with Tech Support through Live Chat about one of the "anomalies" that I have encountered with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 10.x (but never with earlier versions!) on a Windows XP SP3 system, I have finally received the following, apparently definitive, guidance, quoted verbatim:

"Below is the information I received from development regarding the limited account.
There are issues with limited accounts. In fact there are issues during install where all the components wont install.
So for now, no Limited user support. Only Admin access during install and while running ZoneAlarm."

Here's my conundrum: Although I doubt anyone would expect to install such a product from a 'Limited User' account, day-to-day running from such an account is another matter entirely. To quote from p.10 of Microsoft's Windows XP Professional "For distribution only with a new PC/start here" guide (version 2002), "Important: Running Windows XP as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to unnecessary security risks. Instead use your user account to perform routine tasks such as running programs, working on documents, and visitng Internet sites." Similar advice is even more stridently expressed in various third-party books about installing and using XP. Nevertheless, ZA Tech Support tells us that its "security" software is not compatible with the 'Limited User' accounts that Microsoft recommends.

Question: Is it the consensus of this forum to use ZA products and ignore Microsoft's security advice to run routinely as a 'Limited User?'

Thanks in advance for any clarification. -- jclarkw