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Thread: Can not delete Zone IP Setting

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    NorthEastMan Guest

    Red face Can not delete Zone IP Setting

    I have an issue in that in Zone Alarm I have a Zone listed as


    New Network

    Type entry network



    My router is addressed as being and the pool of connected machines starts at ...1.2

    I am unable to delete the zone, as when I click on it the Remove button remains greyed out. If I choose to edit it I'm unable to change the IP settings but can simply change it to either Trusted or Public.

    Should I be concerned?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Can not delete Zone

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthEastMan View Post
    Should I be concerned?
    Thanks in advance
    No, that is actually your LAN (= all resources/devices attached to the router), you cannot remove it since its active (i.e. you are connected to it, the router). Normally it should be set as TRUSTED and NOT public to be able to share resources (print, files, etc..) within your LAN (= all devices attached to the router).

    If you leave your LAN as PUBLIC you may need to add your router IP ( as TRUSTED to avoid connections problems or internet drops.

    Hope this helps.


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