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Thread: Firefox 9 + ZA + Flash = HELP!!!

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    Default Firefox 9 + ZA + Flash = HELP!!!

    I have updated firefox (to 9.0.1) and Shockwave Flash (to But now when going to sites that use the flash I'm getting an error box saying something like "R6034 runtime error. But the box doesn't come up and the site loads without problem if I turn the ZA ( off. Does anyone have any ideas that I can try?? Any help would be really great, going a bit mad with the thing!!


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    Default Re: Firefox + ZA + Flash = HELP!!!


    ZA is not compatible with Firefox 9, only up to 8 (for ZA version You will need to downgrande your firefox or remove ZA.


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    Default Re: Firefox + ZA + Flash = HELP!!!


    ZA is not compatible with Firefox 9.0.1 yet, only up to ver.8.01 (for ZA version
    You will need to downgrade your firefox or remove ZoneAlarm.

    Sticky: Firefox 9.0.1 and ZoneAlarm

    Sticky: "When will the Next Zone Alarm be made Available?"
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    Thanks for the quick replys. I'll see if I can go back to firefox 8.


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