Hello there,
I just downloaded latest ZASS version 10.1.079 and removed the old one using clean.exe and installed the 079 version on Windows XP home sp3.

Then I changed very few settings. One was to ask for internet connection permission for all programs.
This seems to be working for example when I click on Adobe reader and pick "check for updates", the ZASS 079 asks me if I allow or deny.
Wonderful, this is great.
But when I click on the internet explorer icon on desktop it immediately goes to "Google" (my home page). Why doesn't stop and ask like the version did for permission?
I have added "internet explorer executable (iexplorer.exe) to program listing and placed the ? mark on all inbound, outbound, etc.
Is this by design or am I setting something wrong?
I searched forum but was not successful in finding similar posting.

Thanks in advance for replying.