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Thread: HP Printer Issues and ZA log interpretation

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    Default HP Printer Issues and ZA log interpretation

    aloha all,
    I'm a newbie to this forum however have had ZA about 10 YRS.
    I have a home LAN with 3 client PC's and a tablet all using a HP 6500 OfficeJet A-I-1 Printer, set up for wireless use. All client OS' is WIN7 x64, with the exception of the tablet. All client PC's are desktops and all have static IP's. The router is a LINKSYS E3200 "N". The only firewall software in use is ZA ( however, the router has firewall settings.
    My problem; The printer is operating with a sporadic change in status to "Use printer offline". This behavior seems to coincide with a ZA log incident. I've gone into the "Trusted Zone" and have entered the IP of the printer, all client PC's and the router, with now change in behavior. I've tried to turn ZA off to see if the printer will change status or act erratically but haven't been able to keep it off long enuf without losing my protection. I've got a long list of ZA log alerts that all seem to have the same title but I don't have any idea about how to interpret them, so here I am.
    Here's a sample of what I'm seeing

    1025,Host+Process+for+Windows+Services,svchost.exe ,6.1.7600.16385,Windows+7+x64-6.1.7601-Service+Pack+1-SMP,,HP,~~snip~~,2,,&CL=en&OEM=1025&SKU=8&Mode=0&Product=ZoneAlarm+ Anti-virus
    FWOUT_OK,2012/01/20,05:35:10 -10:00 GMT,,,UDP,

    The 2 IP's following "GMT" is the IP of my primary client machine and the Printer. I have page after page of the same alert.
    Can anyone help please...looking forward to all replies. sorry for the length of this question.
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