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Thread: Zone Alarm Extreme 2012 TCP connections

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    Default Zone Alarm Extreme 2012 TCP connections

    It seems that while ZoneAlarm Extreme 2012 is running (Win XP Pro SP3) it (vsmon.exe) has the following TCP connections from my machine, currently private net IP as follows:

    C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\vsmon.exe (1168)
    Local ESTABLISHED Remote (HTTP)
    Local CLOSE-WAIT Remote (HTTP)
    Local CLOSE-WAIT Remote (HTTP)
    Why would ZoneAlarm need such connections.? What is it reporting home?

    It is not, at the moment, checking for an update nor downloading one.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Extreme 2012 TCP connections

    Sorry all users here, you will need to check with ZA staff at their support to know how ZA works, if they know. Probably its a question that can only be answered by the ZA development team.

    There are many ZA functions that needs call home from updates to OSfirewall to application control... etc. It is by design. If you start to worry about where ZA connects then I am afraid its better you remove ZA and move to a solution you can trust and feel confortable with. The main worries should be directed to external threats rather than you primary security


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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Extreme 2012 TCP connections

    Using shaw in canada?
    Best regards.

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