I have ZA extreme security suite 3 user on one laptop with XP home sp3. First I found that I had a bad install after contacting customer support and removed as per customer support instructions. I did use the ZA clean removal tool, and re-installed the latest version. I thought everything was OK till I started checking this forum thread that shows the latest version updates, and realized that again ZA is not updating. Here is what I am am at after doing a manual update a hour ago.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:
vsmon version:
Driver version:
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version: 1077581472
AntiSpam version:
ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.350.0
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner:
ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database:
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database: 04.155

As you can see it is not up to date. Can someone tell me why this is happening? I hate to think I have to do a complete removal every time to keep updated. I have been using ZA for years and never had this problem till I upgraded to 10.1.XXX.ooo.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on what I think is a problem.