Now that the Remember function has finally been restored, I uninstalled my old Zonealarm v9.x, ran CCleaner and clean.exe from the ZA site, and installed v10.1.079.000.

However, the ZA Firewall is blocking everything. I also have on my laptopwith the same OS, and although settings are identical, all my internet apps (browser, games, etc) are being blocked, with the firewall log registering all the blocked access attempts.

I can get to my LAN computers without issue. Zones, and their settings are the same as in my laptop. I remvoed teh Zones and entered my DHCP server - with corret IP - as Trusted, but everythign still gets blocked.

My Firewall settings are:
Public Zone: High
Trusted Zone: Medium

I also cleared the Application Control programs list and started from scratch. Even program that I manually give access to are still blocked. Even to post this, I have to run my ZA Firewall off.

ipconfig /all still gives all the usually router info, and I can still get to my router GUI without a problem. No router settings have been altered.

Any help would be appreciated.