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Thread: can internet access be blocked totaly?

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    sevilla Guest

    Default can internet access be blocked totaly?

    I updated free-firewall from an 92-version to the latest one.
    Since then i cannot disconnect total internetaccess.
    In my former version i blocked internet, when i treated confidential things on my computer.
    Where can i find this option in the latest version of Free Firewall?

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    Default Re: can internetaccess be blocked totaly?

    This has been posted multiple times in this forum. Please use the search function you will find at the top banner of this board.

    See here:
    'internet lock' and 'stop all network communication' and 'remeber my settings'

    P.S. If you are dealing with confidential "things" I would better look for paid solutions providing better protection. Cutting internet will not improve your security and should not even be considered an option. You need to prevent the damage and not acting when its already too late.
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