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Thread: [WORKAROUND] Zonealarm GUI and Remote Control like VNC

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    Canzler Guest

    Exclamation [WORKAROUND] Zonealarm GUI and Remote Control like VNC

    Hello folks,

    i just updated to ZA Free 10.1.079 from 9.2.058....
    Now i have the problem, that I can't control Zonealarm GUI while i am connected via VNC to the pc. I can open it but nothing can be clicked.
    In earlier versions of Zonealarm I always unchecked the box "protect zone alarm client" or something else (free translation from german)

    This option does not exist in ZA free 10 or i haven't found it yet.
    In the anti-spyware version I used some years ago it also helped to set the permission/trust-level of the program to "super". But this does not work either.

    Any ideas?
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    cheesemonkeyboy Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm GUI and Remote Control like VNC

    YES! I too am having this problem!

    I too used to uncheck the "protect zone alarm client" box, but I don't see this option anymore - I even poked around a little in the ZoneAlarm registry settings.

    HOW TO CONTROL ZoneAlarm V10.1._____ GUI WHILST USING VNC???

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    Default Re: Zonealarm GUI and Remote Control like VNC

    The option was taken out of the client because we found users enabling this function and opening up there ZoneAlarm Client to hackers to control and lower there security. It was a major security risk.

    There is a workaround for Expert users only where you can manually edit the backup XML file to allow remote access to the client UI.

    WARNING: If you do this ZoneAlarm is not responsible for any security breaches of any types or threats including Viruses, malware, worms, spyware and Etc.... or any problems with the client in the future... use at your own risk.
    Do Not contact Technical Support for help with this or if this does not work for you. Support will not help you with this.

    1. Save a backup file of your setting, open ZA, Click tools, Preferences then click the back up button and save the backup file.

    2. Open the XML in notepad. Find the following string: disableKeyboardMouseProtection

    Change it from: disableKeyboardMouseProtection="false"
    To: disableKeyboardMouseProtection="true"

    and save the changes to the file.

    3. Open ZA, Click tools, Preferences, click the restore button select the file and restore it.

    4. Shutdown PC and reboot.

    Now VNC should be able to control the ZA UI.
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