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Thread: 1870.pdf Virus?

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    Default 1870.pdf Virus?

    Has anyone heard of or seen this virus?

    I was online, behind a hardware firewall and ZA running, picked this one up. Not sure how; didn't click any unknown links, download anything, etc. Suddenly, my PC went totally out of control and VERY slow. The .pdf file opened after a strange error message popped up. Could barely get my mouse to the ZA icon to launch a scan. It found this virus, with the name HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic. Also found a Trojan.JS.Redirector.ue virus in my Firefox cache.

    Googling this filename didn't get much of anything, but several links had short text that said something about "totally virus free." (Sites like . .) Yeah, right.


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    well, now it stime to run a deep scan with ZA and check with a couple of on-demand scanners for left overs. Guidance can be found here: Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Then you can also cross check the system for vulnerabilities and tune up ZA for maximum protection, see here for instruction:

    xyz was not detected. What I should do?


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