When trying to install the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall it wants to installe it in a "Checkpoint" Directory inside your "Program Files" Directory.

I do NOT want it installed in those Directories or even the same drive (C where those Directories would normally reside.

The installation screen does NOT allow me to type over or modify this default Drive or Directory structure in any way.

The only thing is does allow me to do is Browse and Pick another existing Drive letter or Directory structure, If I select the root Directory of another drive it then creates an Invalid Directory structure (D:\\Checkpoint) which causes the installation process to fail.

I would actually like to install the program in D:\ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. I used ZoneAlarm Internet Suite 7 for years and it allowed me to use whatever Drive letter and Directory structure I want for installation.

Not everyone installs their programs into Microsoft's default Directory structure or wants to use the default vendor Directory structure either.