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Thread: Constant scanning and application control.

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    Secret77 Guest

    Default Constant scanning and application control.

    Hi all,

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:
    Windows 7-64 bit

    Perhaps someone can gleen some help from my experiences
    with ZAXS constanting scanning for viruses at each startup...

    I have always liked ZA because of its custom application/program
    control features ("Computer" tab -> "Application Control" -> Settings).
    In older versions of ZA(XS) I was able to select all the programs in
    the list and delete them all, exit ZA, restart and start all over again.
    Sometimes this was a tech support solution to other problems.
    In addition, I usually checked off "Enable Advanced Application Control"
    in the Advanced Settings. This way I could see everything coming in
    and everything going out (from fresh).

    Thanks for listening. Perhaps I am out to lunch. Please comment if
    it helps you or if you think I am off the mark.
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