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Thread: Anti-virus Normal Scan runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000 => Click "UPDATE"

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    Arrow Anti-virus Normal Scan runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000 => Click "UPDATE"

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    ZoneAlarm license key: removed
    vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version: 1078958880
    AntiSpam version:
    ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.350.0
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner:
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database:
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database: 04.155

    Windows XP SP3
    Windows Vista 32 SP2

    I multiboot the two listed OS's in my computer. I'm using the same schedulings in both (same dates, different times if it matters, although I'm thinking now that it could be more optimal to interleave the Normal and Deep scans between both OS's). System speed isn't a concern for this PC but I don't want to run unnecessary scans.

    As you know you can schedule dates and periodicity for "Anti-virus Quick Scan" (weekly here), "Anti-virus Normal Scan" (every 6 months here) and "Anti-virus Deep Scan" (yearly here) under Tools -> Scheduled tasks. "Quick" ones run as they should. Idk if "Deep" ones work well or not (I've scheduled them for May 2012). But "Normal" scans have the described problem here (they were scheduled for this February, days ago). I've worked around the problem scheduling them for future dates (likely I did the same in the past, around August 2011 when ZA v10 was released).

    There're countless threads about AV running scans on every reboot with older versions, but I haven't seen any thread about this particular behaviour with v10.1.079.000. It could be a bug. Has anyone's ZA v10.1.079 (any product with AV) run an automatic "Anti-virus Normal Scan" only once at the scheduled date/times?

    Around the scheduled date for the Normal scan I only used Vista, and few days beforewards a "Quick" scan was scheduled. This scan worked fine but the Normal scan was repeated on every reboot after its first run, until I put it manually at a future date.

    So when I booted XP it theoretically had pending Quick and Normal scans. For whatever reason it run the Quick scan but not at all the Normal one (if you ask me running the Normal would have been more "correct", but it's a minor detail). I put it today and rebooted. At the new scheduled time the scan run normally. I rebooted again and reproduced the same behaviour I had seen in Vista: another Normal scan. Again, I've put it manually in a future date to avoid repetitions.

    (I've cancelled all the repeated Normal scans but not before checking they were "Normal" and not "Quick". I right-clicked in the systray icon -> View scan, let it run all the first phases "Memory scan", "Boot sector scan", "Critical area scan" etc until "0%" appears, and then I let it run a bit to see that the pace at which the "percentage done" rises is "slow" compared to a Quick scan. The whole process took like 4-5 minutes each time, approximately or a little more than what a Quick scan lasts in total, but by the time I cancelled the repeated Normal scans they were at about 5%).

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    Default Re: "Anti-virus Normal Scan" runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000. "Quick" scans o


    best to report directly to technical support so that the issue can be logged and taken note of. More reports more attention will be drawn to development.

    Link to support in my signature. Look for the live chat icon.


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    Default Re: "Anti-virus Normal Scan" runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000. "Quick" scans o

    No its not a bug in 10.1.79, this was fixed a while back and 10.1.79 been out for a long time now with no reports of the issue from hundreds of users.

    Probably you multi-boot environment is at fault.

    Something we don't fully support.

    You need to have separate partitions for each OS, and when you select an OS to boot, that OS must boot as the primary partition C:, and the other partition must be hidden.

    This is the only know way it works internally for us.

    To accomplish this you need to buy a boot manager. Such as (but not endorsed or supported at all by ZoneAlarm or Check Point software)
    BootIt NG

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    Secret77 Guest

    Default Re: "Anti-virus Normal Scan" runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000. "Quick" scans o

    Just curious, but I have run into the same problem also many times.

    Do you use System Mechanic?
    Do you delete any programs in the application control list?
    Do you remove the check for "scan for files less than 8 mb"?

    These are things that I have installed or I have done
    in the past that seem to impact the repetitive scanning.
    I really don't know why they would impact scanning, but
    let me know please.

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    Default Re: "Anti-virus Normal Scan" runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000. "Quick" scans o

    FWIW my multiboot is the "automatic" one done by the Windows installations theirselves. I installed XP first in the first partition, did an unallocated space behind, and installed Vista there so it's in the second partition. Any of the OS's call C: to its partition when booted up, although the other OS partition is visible (and named D: ). There're also 3 logical drives accessible from any OS, if it matters. Vista asks for confirmation when altering files in the XP partition (copying to or overwriting/deleting files/folders from there), but not the other way round.


    To Secret77: I think you should open a separate thread about your problem, that seems different from the thread topic. It's unknown by me anyway (I don't have System Mechanic and I haven't experienced issues with those or comparable ZA features) .

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    Secret77 Guest

    Default Re: "Anti-virus Normal Scan" runs on every reboot with v10.1.079.000. "Quick" scans o

    It is OK. I just wanted the feedback - thank you.

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