Laptop, Vista Home Premium 64bit SP2
Dual core 1,9 ghz
4 mb RAM
loads of space on the hard disc, and have done all the usual administrative deletions, defrag etc etc
No other security running on the laptop

I'm not sure when it started happening exactly, but the laptop is running like a dog when security suite is on. I know its the software, because when I switch it off the laptop runs quite normally. As soon as I switch it on again ... well, it takes a minute at least to open picture files and when I'm using Bibble, or photoshop it's as good as unusable. Had a few messages saying that programs have stopped working as well ... only when ZA is on though.

So now whaen I work on it, I have to switch off the internet and close down ZA.

Its updated, I have no problem with scans. What can suddenly be causing this, as nothings changed that I know of on the computer