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    This morning, I saw that a scan of my computer had identified and treated a high risk virus called Exploit.Win32.CVE-2010-2568.gen that supposedly was in c:\Documents and Settings\<me>\Application Data\Microsoft\Explorer\Quick Launch\Display.lnk ... I do not remeber having added such a link in this folder.

    I clicked on the name of the virus to obtain more info, which sent me to the ZoneLabs web site where there was no information.

    I put the name the name of virus in Google and found one post in the forum of Kseprsky's lab suggesting that this was a false positive (see

    Any suggestion from members of the ZA forum ?

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    see here below on how to determine and report a false positive to kaspersky.

    How to diagnose and/or report antivirus/antispyware false positives


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    I've had this result just now. I've googled for it and this thread was among the results.

    I've just booted up my computer to Windows XP SP3. I have neither launched any scan nor there was any scheduled, it appeared during the boot anyway. My ZA window says Infections: 1 and Files Scanned: 1, so I assume the virus was trying to execute and was caught by ZA. It's a link (*.lnk file) created and placed by me at the desktop months ago. I use this link seldom, I haven't used it for at least one month, and it isn't supposed to run neither on boot up nor automaticly in any shape or form. There're like other 30 links in my desktop. In short, it looks real to me.

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