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Thread: [SOLVED] ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

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    Gwydion Guest

    Default [SOLVED] ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

    My original query was answered by Fax, which was that I had lost the white halo with virtualisation. One reason maybe due to my video driver as the dedicated one fried recently.

    I have since noticed that the number of MB Protected data is at ZERO. I’m sure I used to see quite a high MB figure before I upgraded to ZAEX 10.1.79. It is now permanently at Zero, and also although Forcefield exe is in running processes, (it doesn’t go above 8 or 9k), I think forcefield may not be working, or incorrectly. Any comments please?

    Live Chat suggested Resetting ZA and then a clean reinstall. Neither solved it, nor has reverting to Firefox 8. (I had got 9). They have now suggested reverting to ZAEX 9.3.37 .

    I don’t really want to go backwards, given that ZAEX is now compatible with Firefox 10, before I post her for ideas/comments, which will be much appreciated.

    NB…must you have the Community and Forcefield toolbars enabled for forcefield/virtualisation to work? In the past I don’t think I always did, but still got halo/ MB data protection etc etc.


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    Default Re: ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data


    Yes, your ZA Extreme virtualization may not work correctly.

    latest version is only compatible with firefox 10. If you have 8 or 9 it will not work. Try a full removal with the ZA removal tool and reinstall. While without ZA installed, update firefox to version 10, then install ZA.

    If you have followed other similar threads you may have noticed that this issue is very difficult to resolve. Some have resolved it by going back to a restore point before all the issues began (you need to remove ZA before trying to restore the PC to a previous point and then install back).

    If you cannot restore to a previous point the only working solution is to start from scratch. This is drastic but I cannot suggest anything else that I am sure will work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum-Moderator View Post

    No ts not a win7 64 bit issue. This can happen on any OS.

    The Web Security functions are just very finicky and don't run well on all PC's.

    There really nothing else that can be done to get it to work that you already haven't tried. Official support has nothing else to add to get it to work.

    It just sometimes does not work on all PC's.

    We will continue to try and make it more compatible in future versions but due to the the nature of the technology its not perfect by no means.

    Forum Moderator
    If you are really keen to keep using ZA and want to follow the route of format then you should:

    1. Reformat the HD and Install XP only from the original CD (not connected to Internet)
    2. Turn ON the windows XP firewall and connect to internet
    3. Go to microsoft updates and download all updates and Service Packs up to when you are fully updated (it will require several re-boot and several re-checking
    4. Download and install ZA
    5. Check everything is working fine
    6. Install the rest


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    Gwydion Guest

    Default Re: ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

    Hi....thanks so much for your answer. I shall have a go at the reinstall ZA/Firefox process, and post the outcome.

    Oh I nearly it best to use the IE Clean as well as the ff-clean, both after the clean exe please?

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    Default Re: ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

    You're welcome!
    Try the simple clean.exe...

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    Gwydion Guest

    Default Re: ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

    Hi again....thanks fax...THE HALO AND ALL IS BACK ! and virtual data protection looks working.There must have been a corruption someway back, either Firefox or ZA. Before your reply, I already decided to follow this...

    First, please uninstall ZoneAlarm by using the Uninstall option on the Remove Programs menu on the Windows Control Panel. Restart when prompted. If you are unable to do this, please skip this step and continue on to step 2. Run the universal uninstaller found at the link below. This tool will remove all ZoneAlarm data from your computer: **Remember to SAVE the download to your desktop. DO NOT select RUN or OPEN when downloading.

    Now we will run the Web Security removal script to ensure the Web Security is removed. I provided steps below to run the removal Script:

    1. Download the removal script with the link below:
    2. Save the file to your Desktop
    3. After the download is complete you can close all windows that are open and on your desktop you should see a new icon named ""
    4. Right-click the file and click Extract All.
    5. Click Next two times, then Finish.
    6. Double-click “ff_cleanup.cmd” to remove all Web Security files. Now run the toolbar removal tool:

    I would also suggest running a Cleaner and Registry scan with CCleaner. CCleaner can be downloaded at the link below.

    Then re-install ZoneAlarm using the file downloaded at the link below:
    Looking for the latest version?


    The only thing I couldn't run was IE Clean, because I'm still with .net framework 1 .
    But everything else went OK. I did it as you said...uninstalled Firefox (inc Profiles, backed up bookmarks first ) , uninstalled ZAX, installed latest Firefox 10.0.2, then ZAX 10.1.79.

    Now IE has everything working, both toolbars and even Site check, but Firefox has only the Community toolbar Addons manager says Forcefield toolbar 1.5.350 instead of 1.5.359, and the check for updates finds nothing.

    Hopefully you may know why that is too.

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

    Did you download again the full installer from ZA link? The installer was recently changed to add FF 10 compatibility. If you have not done so, install the new ZA on top of the current. Thats the only explanation i have for your old component.

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