My original query was answered by Fax, which was that I had lost the white halo with virtualisation. One reason maybe due to my video driver as the dedicated one fried recently.

I have since noticed that the number of MB Protected data is at ZERO. I’m sure I used to see quite a high MB figure before I upgraded to ZAEX 10.1.79. It is now permanently at Zero, and also although Forcefield exe is in running processes, (it doesn’t go above 8 or 9k), I think forcefield may not be working, or incorrectly. Any comments please?

Live Chat suggested Resetting ZA and then a clean reinstall. Neither solved it, nor has reverting to Firefox 8. (I had got 9). They have now suggested reverting to ZAEX 9.3.37 .

I don’t really want to go backwards, given that ZAEX is now compatible with Firefox 10, before I post her for ideas/comments, which will be much appreciated.

NB…must you have the Community and Forcefield toolbars enabled for forcefield/virtualisation to work? In the past I don’t think I always did, but still got halo/ MB data protection etc etc.