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Thread: [SOLVED] ZERO MB of Potentially harmful data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwydion View Post
    However I can't see why (in Firefox) with virtualisation OFF both the toolbars are working including Site Check Green, but when its ON the Site check is greyed out.
    This has happen on occasions in Firefox browser due to files in the virtual file system may become corrupted and stop a browser from proper functionality.

    Try this and see if this will resolve issue.With Firefox close go to Web Security / Settings and Clear Virtual Data.Close ZoneAlarm GUI.Open Firefox and Site Check should be active (green).

    Hope this helps.If it doesn't contact Support to address issue.

    Footnote : I only turn Virtualization Off when installing and updating Firefox or IE and Add-ons and Plugins.Here it disables halo around browser when Off.

    Everything active if enable except Virtualization when turn Off.

    Helpful links :

    Have a nice Day.
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