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Thread: how to config v 10.1.179 for speed?

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    Default how to config v 10.1.179 for speed?

    I have been running an older version of ZA for years... on a now-old system running XP-pro. I upgraded to current version of ZA, and performance when completely in the toilet... computer was virtually unusable as the CPU was constantly busy running ZA. I tried turning of various options, turning off logging, it was still so bad I un-installed ZA completely.

    I feel 'unprotected', but cannot handle the resource requirements of ZA.... unless someone has some really good tips on config that might (significantly) reduce the cpu usage?

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    Default Re: how to config v 10.1.179 for speed?

    Installed on top of the old version? How much RAM is available for the programs running? Exact version of ZA used? Free? Pro? Av? Zass? .... What other security tools are installed? I am not aware of a speed setup.


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