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Thread: [SOLVED] Public Zone Security Problem --> Not ZA related, OS firewall driver broken

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    Default [SOLVED] Public Zone Security Problem --> Not ZA related, OS firewall driver broken

    Hopefully someone can help me with this; I have searched around on the forums and haven't found anyone with quite the same problem as far as i can tell.
    Until recently I could connect to the internetz fine with 'Public Zone security' set to high, but now it must be set to 'Medium' (and on 'Medium' everything i have tested works fine: firefox, online games, security updates etc).
    I started using ZA 10 more or less when it was rolled out, and have had no probs until now.
    Im not sure what changed-it may have been an automatic update that I didn't notice. My computer did glitch out around the time it started stuffing up, but it was a while before I realised that ZA was angry, so it is possibly coincidental. Everything else works fine.
    Strangely, App control no longer blocks outgoing programs (nor asks if a new app tries to connect) as well, tho im not sure is because of the loosened 'Public zone' security, or a concurrent, independent problem.
    I run a tiny network on a modem/router, with no need for any resource or file sharing beyond net access. My other computers (also running ZA still connect fine with no setting changes.

    Firewall Settings:
    'Public Zone security' Med (would like this to be high)
    'Trusted Zone security' Med (as above)
    network and dhcp server are as they were pre stuff-up

    App Control:
    'Network firewall' Max (but no alerts are coming thru, nor are new programs being added to the program list at all. On reinstall, 14 basic connectivity programs appear on the list, some 'Trusted', some 'Ask'. AVG and Adaware are there too, set to 'Ask', and both programs run fine)
    Edit: its up to 23 programs now (after four or so days since last reinstall), none of which look evil, all set to 'Ask'.
    'DefenseNet' Manual
    'Microsoft Catalog Utilization' Off

    I have tried:
    -Reinstalling ZA with varying levels of removal (from the presumably automatic removal that is built in now through to manual removal, I realise this is an outdated site, but i used very recent removal tools and couldn't find a manual approach that was better). Result: situation unchanged.
    -Adding various programs to the allowed list manually (set to 'Trusted'). Result: nothing connected.
    -Going to an ip address rather than a url. Result:
    -Changing the subnet (so ZA thinks it's a new network).
    -Changing my routers ip back and forth. Result: ZA detected the gateway change fine, and updated to match it.
    -Various combinations of settings with 'Public Zone security' set to high. Result: PZS high kills my connection to the net under all circumstances.

    A Desktop
    Windows 7
    AVG Free 2012.0.1913
    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version:
    vsmon version:
    Driver version:

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