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Thread: Detecting a virus.

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    Exclamation Detecting a virus.

    My anti-virus spyware keeps picking a huer trojan eveytime i go online,or like this morning when i turned on the computer.
    I get it quarenteend by ZA scan.
    Just a need a bit of advice on how to get to the bottom of this.

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    Default Re: Detecting a virus.


    xyz was not detected what I should do:
    Sticky: xyz was not detected. What I should do? <= click here

    and for cleaning Malware off your system click here:
    Sticky: Malware Clean-up Guidance <= click here

    You also need to be on ZA version 10 to perform the above steps, if not please update to it.

    ZA Installers can be found here:
    Looking for the latest version?

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