I know this has probably been asked and answered a million times, but the Search Function is not working for me here this evening, so I apologize in advance.

I believe my 8 year-old non-wireless 4-port 10/100 Air-Link cheapo router may be on the blink as my internet connectivity has become intermittent over the last week after many years of great performance. The old router only feeds one PC and a Netflix cable to my separate Blu-ray player connected to my HDTV.

As a test, I connected my PC running a clean and sterile installation of WinXP SP3 w/IE8 directly to the Comcast Arris 3.0 Internet/Phone Modem (after resetting the Arris).

Connectivity to the internet seems to be stable again, but I'm going to need a day or two of testing to be sure.

I changed my ZoneAlarm's Firewall Zone from "Trusted" to "Internet" (I'm using the latest ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite v10.1.079.000) during this direct connected test.

Was such Zone change really necessary for a Comcast direct connection to the cable modem?