I have the free zone alarm firewall.
my laptop is being hacked.
I ran netstat and I don't see anything unusual.
I closed out the "allow remote access" option in the system file.
It looks like the hacker is either using my bluetooth to access my laptop or a remote access program that can access my laptop.
I have not been able to stop the hacker.
I have my laptop configured just how I like it and I want to avoid doing a full restore to clean the operating system out and the registry and cache. This would be time consuming and I have term papers that are due.
I would prefer to just upgrade to a better version of zone alarm that will keep this hacker out of my laptop.

First *** I need to know why my zone alarm firewall is letting the hacker get through.
Second *** I need to know which product to upgrade to since the free zone alarm firewall isn't even warning me about the hacker.

How do I know about the hacker? My curser changes color. I also loose control of my curser when I am composing a term paper. The hacker clicks on diffrent programs on my laptop right in front of me while I am using my computer. the hacker also changes information on my term paper right in front of me. My lap top has video capabillity and I want to catch the hacker. I am going to video monitor my laptop screen to monitor the intrusions.
Does zone alarm have a function that will monitor the intrusions for me? Does zone alarm keep a log of files that have been intruded? because I REALLY want to put this hacker in prison.
Third ***Not a single warning from my free zone alarm fire wall about the intrusion. why?