Despite the fact that I have tried almost everything to combat this problem, it appears that ZAP and Roboform Version 7 will not coexist in either IE 8 or Firefox 10. The pages are so slow that invariably I have to reload them before being able to enter a website from the Toolbar, bookmarks/favorites, or from any search engine.

I hesitate to point a finger at ZAP as the problem here, but I have seen other posts that indicate that this is not a problem for me alone. I even took the step of buying the version of Roboform through Checkpoint which downloaded as Roboform_Pro_zl.exe as I thought it would fix the problem. Imagine my surprise when I found that the version I downloaded was Roboform Version 6.9.97, not the current version of Roboform. This version is useless to me when the newest browsers will not work with this version and require Roboform Version 7 to function.

I have been talking to Roboform Support for 3 days now without success and have tried every suggestion they have given me and the only one that actually works is when I disable ZAP. I have even tried their newest beta version to see if it would speed up loading, but it hasn't worked.

I would like to know why ZAP will not function properly with Roboform 7, and if anyone has any suggestions other than disabling ZAP, that I can try. Is it Forcefield causing the problem? If so how do I disable Forcefield?