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Thread: [SOLVED] updates aborted - "another installer or an update installation running"

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    maya Guest

    Smile Re: updates constantly aborted - "another installer or an update installation running

    thank you Fax
    I ll do that.
    ('m old and tired, you are right to kick me !!!)
    thank you for your care,
    I ll come back, in case of .. sucess !
    ... or if can still acess online but with a new prob ! (:-)

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    Smile Re: updates constantly aborted - "another installer or an update installation running

    Quote Originally Posted by maya View Post
    sp3 sure ? I got blue screen terror at reading some posts in the past,
    is sp3 now really ok ? if you tell me, I ll trust you, Guru, sure I ll do ! ()
    thank you

    Hi maya;

    I agree with Guru Fax,

    1.) There were over 200 Serious Critical Microsoft Updated in Win XP SP3, and 100 or more Critical Microsoft Updates released in the four years after SP3 was Released..

    Window XP SP2 can not protect your from all the New Threats fixed by the 300 or so new Updated that your computer does not have... and Zone Alarm protection is dependent on your Computer having the Latest Current Windows Updates..

    2.) another critial practice is when your computer is running smoothly and before any major Microsoft update makes a new complete Backup of your Boot drive for safe keeping and to make it easier to restore from a System Crash..

    3.) Please Update your Windows XP SP2 to SP3 and many other Critical Updates after Win XP SP3,
    Microsoft Ended Support for WinXP SP2 back in 2010..

    The Following Forum Link has links to Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Update page..

    Sticky: Microsoft Ends Windows XP SP2 Support Now and ALL XP Support Ends April 2014

    Good luck..
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    maya Guest

    Default Re: updates constantly aborted - "another installer or an update installation running

    hello both Gurus Fax and GeorgeV !

    done !!!

    now I am running xp sp3 and this works well with za extreme 1079

    and indeed had to run about I guess 150 updates after having installed the sp3 version you indicated me ( was awesome, thank you !!! offline was ideal, took hours but went ... well !!!) I had only a small issue (time-spending that one) with sound-device not recognized but managed to solve that also. so just a few hours silence, no blue screen !
    and for now I feel ok !!!

    plus : seeing what you wrote, Fax, I reset the "on" for windows-automatic-updates !!!

    so now you can protect me and I feel confident and THANK YOU for having insisted !

    (no fatal errors anymore, just that strange recurring warning turning off but I have seen among my reports that it was not new. and so I guess it is related to a monitor-samsung thingie, leaving the system on a dirty manner, but not too bad, just warnings. I have gamma-tray unseparable from that small bug called magic-color but as I tried to throw out the little one, gamma tray would not work, so I keep it. I need true colors )

    again, thank you for your support !


    ps . back-up
    I lost the backup function about 2 years ago, and this was a za-issue
    but I am not capable of solving that. meanwhile I run regular backups of all my files,
    on an external drive, but cannot do much more...
    unless a reset of the backup-restore function is makable by a newbie like me,
    which I do not believe at all.

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    Default Re: updates constantly aborted - "another installer or an update installation running

    I am very hapopy to hear your updating was successfull. Now you can enjoy a more solid and safe environment in which ZA can better protect you.

    Remember to check for other vulnerable software in your system with SECUNIA.

    ... and setup ZA for maximum protection as indicated here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?


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    gardenman Guest

    Default Re: [SOLVED] updates aborted - "another installer or an update installation running"

    Windows XP sp3.

    I know this has been marked as solved but i just wanted to add that i had this problem. I corrected it by simply uninstalling Zonealarm and reinstalling, i then ran 'PC tune up' (zonealarm extreme add on) which fixed a couple of errors, and everything was fine.

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