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    I've used ZA Security Suite for years but recently when I do a full virus scan of the hard drive, ZA picks up WIN32.DELIVER.NC in my Thunderbird/GMail/Spam folder. I think it shows up as a Trojan and ZA treats it successfully but the next time I scan, its there again. Any suggestions?
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    I would suggest you do not quarantine or try to treat any emails.

    Doing so could corrupt all your emails.

    Its best to exclude the mail file for thunderbird or the entire directory where the mail files exist.

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    OK but is "" a danger? I did a google search on it and could not find too much about it. What exactly is it and what is it trying to do. Thanks.

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    The correct naming should be "". There are thousands of different versions of this trojan and it is simply impossible to tell you what the file exactly does.

    ZA uses the Kaspersky engine. A Trojan downloader as the following behaviour:

    Programs classified as Trojan-Downloader download and install new versions of malicious programs, including Trojans and AdWare, on victim computers. Once downloaded from the Internet, the programs are launched or included on a list of programs which will run automatically when the operating system boots up.
    Information about the names and locations of the programs which are downloaded are in the Trojan code, or are downloaded by the Trojan from an Internet resource (usually a web page).
    This type of malicious program is frequently used in the initial infection of visitors to websites which contain exploits.

    Yes, it is dangerous as any malware.

    P.S. Check you are on the latest version of ZASS (we are at, if not please update to it
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