This happened with previous version as well.
When 079 came out I did an uninstall, then cleanup for the old version according to instructions.
I did a new install for the 079 version then.
Title issue still occurs. My settings are : do quick scan weekly, normal scan monthly, deep scan yearly.

Instead I am getting a deep scan on every boot. I've even let it complete a few times (takes about 4 hrs) in the hope it will go away. Did not.

I've read that you have to reset your timings by setting every type of scan to start at some future time , after 079 install, I did that and it still scans on every boot.

So, I don't have any type of scan scheduled, say, for today, yet I am getting a deep scan every time I boot. This is triple annoying because this machine is a laptop, that I shut down and start quite frequently and then the scans drains the batter unnecessarily.

So no, it's not fixed on 079.