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Thread: [SOLVED] ZA Firewall Logs Not Working

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    Default [SOLVED] ZA Firewall Logs Not Working

    So far this has happened twice & gets stranger as time goes by. At 1st my ZA Free Firewall event logs refused to clear. I found a solution to that simply by setting it to archive the log every day instead of once every 7 days. Although after doing that I've yet to see any events pop up. Normally I get quite a few per day although even after resetting my connection which normally triggers at least 2, I got nothing. In addition when I try to view the log I get an error saying that Windows cannot find the log. Following this when I click "browse" in the same log interface there's 3 different logs saved.

    1st: fwdbglog

    2nd: fwpktlog

    3rd: ZALog2012.03.10

    All of these logs contain data although when I try to delete them via the ZA interface it says "Log Error. File does not exist or is in use!". Should I try deleting the logs manually via finding them in the files?

    Lastly, here are the two current events that refuse to clear from the log, as to which 1 they're from I'm not sure
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