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Thread: [SOLVED] ZA Firewall Logs Not Working

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    Quote Originally Posted by fax View Post
    No, it may be there is nothing to log. You are anyway behind a router. All unsolicited incoming call are already blocked by the router. ZA will only be useful for the outgoing calls.

    Just ensure you have your LAN as "home" in your windows 7 and ensure the network is trusted in ZA (192.168.X.X/255.255....). Keep windows fully up to date and use a solid antivirus solution. Also check for vulnerable software in your PC using SECUNIA online check.

    Having done this you will be safe and should not care about ZA logs.

    Closing this thread since the issue is resolved. Please PM in case you need to re-open it or open a new thread for any other ZA product related issues.

    1 of the default settings is to alert & log Anti-virus/Anti-spyware automatic update events. Although it always switches this off even though it's a default setting upon clicking "reset to default". I've ran a GRC | ShieldsUp! test & it said that all my ports are stealth. So long as it says this that means I'm protected regardless right?

    Finally, over this entire time span which included re-installing ZA Free at least 4 times. There is 1 thing that I did notice which struck me as odd. The "default settings" for logs & alerts are different than those which are auto-set right after the installation. Although I've tried it both ways, setting to default & leaving as it was upon installation. I do have 1 last question though. Does this problem regarding clearing log events in any way compromise my actual firewall protection? If it's just a problem where I can't clear the logs that doesn't matter since they auto-archive by default every 7 days anyway. I only started clearing the events manually in previous ZA version because it became an insecurity habit. Does not being able to clear them in anyway put me at risk?

    *EDIT: In short it looks as though the clearing of events part is freezing or something. For all I know they may be actually cleared, just for some odd reason the events still show as if they are there. The last & only current log I have that wont clear this time is here...
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