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Thread: Lockup on upgrade

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    Default Lockup on upgrade

    During my upgrade to the current version of ZoneAlarm free, my system became unresponsive on the reboot.

    The welcome screen remained for a longer duration than normal.

    My taskbar icons did not appear, the curser maintained an hourglass while overing over the taskbar or start button.

    I could ctrl-alt-delete to obtain the taskmanager but there were no applications running (although the process list was full).

    I could not gain access into any applications, or documents through normal methods (icons or the start button).

    Since none of my other installs or upgrades ever took more than 10mins, I forced a reboot after 25mins, to the same issue.

    Rebooting into safe mode was doable, but I was unable to uninstall the upgrade while in safe mode (and reinstall the earlier version).

    Any recommendations?

    If I remember from a previous experience, deleting the directory while in safe mode will not allow an earlier install (as the registry components did not uninstall, and the installer checks for a later version and requires the later version to uninstall prior to installing an earlier version).


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    Default Re: Lockup on upgrade

    Try to run the ZA removal tool you find here:

    Ensure you have not any "checkpoint" folders in the system and try to run the installer of the latest version you find here:


    Click here for ZA Support
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    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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