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Thread: Advanced download protection and Win7

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    Default Advanced download protection and Win7

    Hi hope someone can help

    This is probably an old topic but I need help!

    I have a problem with Advanced Download Protection.
    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version and IE 9.

    Recently when I download a file I no longer get an automatic ZA scan. I have tried reinstalling ZA but it does not solve the problem.
    When I checked the ZA log it told me that I have not scanned any downloads since installation.

    I did contact ZA technical who told me that it is working OK and the current version no longer has this facility. This is not true as I have just installed Windows 7 and ZA on my laptop and Browser Security is working fine and ZA scans all files downloaded.

    Please help there must be a solution out there after all this time


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    Default Re: Advanced download protection and Win7

    Sorry all users here, unfortunately your issue is difficult to fix. If they can't help fixing at ZA official support then you are not likely getting it fixed anytime soon. btw, ZA logs do not log the advanced download check. You probably mean the information of XXXXMB under the internet tab. Still linked to broken ZA web security.

    See some suggestions here:
    Download protection off in FF and IE

    Anyway you still protected by the antivirus/antispyware component as well as all the rest of the ZA Extreme features.

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