Hi there,

I tried to install ZoneAlarm 10 using the web installer zaSetupWeb_101_101_000_en.exe, but it wouldn't download and would always fail.

That problem was found to be a CISCO VPN network driver that hadn't uninstalled properly.
But, at the time I wasn't aware and sought the full offline download file instead, zaSetup_xxx_xxx_en.exe. Can't remember the exact name, but after installation I now suppose it to be the wrong file because I'm presented with a licensing error stating that the license has expired.

It was difficult seeking the original offline full installer, and since then I have been in a maze of registry editing, CCleaner cleaning, and manual permissions editing on files and folder to delete them from various system folders.

I've had three attempts at reinstalling Zonealarm Free Firewall(The web installer zaSetupWeb_101_101_000_en.exe now works fine) and on all occasions I have received an error that my license has expired and that my machine is not protected. After each failed installation I've had to clean my machine of its remnants.

At this moment I believe that the machine is definitely ready for another attempt at installation after reading and following the advice of this post:

But I'd like to be sure that the steps I have taken are correct so that I will no longer receive a licensing error.

The machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
The system seems to be cleaned of any previous installation(version 9 included).

I have ZoneAlarm Free installed and fully operational, using the latest web installer, on another machine running Windows 7 Home Premium.