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Thread: Advanced firewall 76k+ attempts blocked confused

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    Default Advanced firewall 76k+ attempts blocked confused

    So idk if i can post the log...its large...obviously im saying atm there are over 76000 bloacked attempts. but they are almost all from a specific time. 2012/04/01 11:45:48 -5:00 GMT

    and by almost all I mean everyone but like 7.

    I woke up this morning and saw the number at 30000. but its still going on and on. all from say day and time. like i thasnt caught up yet.

    Almost every source IP is

    i konw thats what i type to login to my router. but. why is it a pretty sure if I have it right something like port scanning? since every source has the : then numbers following. and almost ever blocked attempt. has about 7-19 counts. idk what it means :/ any help would be fine. im sure if I refresh the log viewer. ill be over 80000 now :/

    any info i can give? idk if i should be worried or not ._.

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    Default Re: Advanced firewall 76k+ attempts blocked confused

    You should not see any blocking if ZA is configured correctly. Your LAN should be normally set as TRUSTED ( and your ZA trusted zone set to MEDIUM and not high.

    Something to worry about? First have your PC checked by malware experts here: Bleepingcomputer or SpywareHammer. If you are clean then there is nothing to worry about aside of configuring ZA correctly.

    You may also want to reset your router, update it with the latest firmware and change the default password into a complex random alphanumeric sequence. If on WIFI ensure to use WPA2 encryption with a sufficient long and random password and turn OFF WPS (if you have it). If you don't know how to reset, clean, re-configure the router please contact the router or ISP support.


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