So idk if i can post the log...its large...obviously im saying atm there are over 76000 bloacked attempts. but they are almost all from a specific time. 2012/04/01 11:45:48 -5:00 GMT

and by almost all I mean everyone but like 7.

I woke up this morning and saw the number at 30000. but its still going on and on. all from say day and time. like i thasnt caught up yet.

Almost every source IP is

i konw thats what i type to login to my router. but. why is it a pretty sure if I have it right something like port scanning? since every source has the : then numbers following. and almost ever blocked attempt. has about 7-19 counts. idk what it means :/ any help would be fine. im sure if I refresh the log viewer. ill be over 80000 now :/

any info i can give? idk if i should be worried or not ._.