I'm evaluating Zone Alarm free firewall, I have used the product in the past and recommended it to friends and family on a budget. I'm having some issues with the new version though. I went into "Application Control" and clicked on "View Programs". I was pleased to see that most of the software I use was recognized and automatically cleared for access. I wanted to see how the new ZoneAlarm handled program alerts so I took Firefox and Evernote, and changed "SmartDefense" to "Custom", then trust level to "Ask", and then went across changing everything to "Ask", so that there were question marks in each column.

I then clicked "OK".. I fired up both Firefox and Evernote but they just connect to the internet like normal?! I don't see the ZoneAlarm alert box asking for permission at all (I've yet to see it for any application on the PC).

Clearly I'm missing something here, application control is turned on so why am I not seeing any prompts? can anyone explain what I've done wrong?