Hello Everybody.

I'm new to the forums but have been using ZA for several years on multiple machines. I have encountered an error during upgrades that I need helpful insights on how best to proceed.

It started in late summer of 2011 during a several month long out-of-town project when I attempted to upgrade my personal laptop to 100_250 (HP Pavilion DV7 Win7). It would only get so far and then it would state, “Failed to start boot sector and memory scan.” It would then cut the install short and would not recognize either of my two different license numbers. I have them set to auto-renew and was in good standing at the time. The only thing that worked was reinstalling the previous version:

When I returned home, I attempted to upgrade my other PC’s (3 laptops and 2 desktops all running Win7 fully patched and updated) and they, too, would not complete the installation even though the new ZA versions were even higher than 100_250 by then. What are the chances that all 5 machines truly have boot sector problems? They were all protected by ZA.

In January, 2012, I finally contacted ZA tech support via live chat. Over the course of several hours, they had me try many different things including using the clean tool, verifying certain components were or were not present in the Registry, turning on a logging tool to capture the events and e-mailing the log to them.

Unfortunately, the end result was that all they could do was to say they would forward the log on to the ZA developers and for me to try to update again in the future. I have not heard back from ZA and am still unable to upgrade from to anything newer.

I’m at the point where I need to either find a solution, and continue using ZA, or I need to buy a different program to protect my family’s PCs. I would appreciate any and all advice y’all can provide.

Thank you in advance.