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Thread: Fake Fedex Replicator email

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    Mr fied Guest

    Default Fake Fedex Replicator email

    I have a Fake "FedEx Email" that is constantly replicating after it is deleted from the "Deleted" email folder.
    I new it was a fake email when it came in and so did Zone Alarm as it was sent to the "Junk Email" folder, I didn't open it either. I just deleted it from there but after emptying the deleted folder it just replicates over and over, even when I am not on the internet. I went to web mail cancelled the email account and deleted all association with the email address it was sent to, it was not saved on the server either so it isn't a loop.
    I have been on the ZA-Tech support live chat page several times without any success, and I have scanned my computer with Registered ZA Extreme Security, Spy-Bot S&D, Spy Hunter, Kaspersky, Windows Defender & MRT, MalwareBytes, Stinger and RKill.
    2 malware was found but not the replicating email problem.
    I also deleted prefetch and temp data.

    Stuck for ideas now, anyone know how to get rid of the Email?]


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    Default Re: Fake Fedex Replicator email


    there are a lot of references to fake e-mails on google but the best is to get dedicated support from volunteers at Bleepingcomputer or SpywareHammer forums. Follow the instructions at their forum to post the logs of your system. They will help you to clean the system.


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    Mr fied Guest

    Default Re: Fake Fedex Replicator email

    Thanks Fax, I have registered at bleeping computer recently and posted the same question so I will see what they can do for me as well.


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