I am guessing that something involving the antivirus abilities of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite would fall under the ZoneAlarm Anti-virus & Anti-spyware forum. So, it's posted here. My apologies if it belonged somewhere else.

I decided to give the free trial of ZA ISS a throw and I discovered 2 serious issues with its AV interface.

The first one is rather glaring: Ignore Always does NOT ignore always! I have a file that every AV scanner I've ever used says is infected, BUT not always with the same infection. I had this particular long before the listed viruses were ever in the wild, so, it's a false positive. I require AV software to have Ignore Always type functions, like ZA/Kaspersky does for this reason. I scanned the file in question, received a hit, checked its box, and chose Ignore Always. I rescanned the file to test the Ignore Always, and, naturally, it failed. It keeps returning a hit.

The other involves mIRC. For a long time, ZA AV flags mIRC for a not-a-virus hit. So, I need Ignore Always to ignore it. But, what happens with mIRC.exe is something totally unexpected. I check the check box and BEFORE I can move the mouse to choose Ignore Always, the box unchecks itself! HUH?! You have to be superhuman to check Ignore Always before it unchecks itself. It's possible to do, as I did it, BUT, my point is it SHOULDN'T have to be done.