There's a slight bit of incongruity. When ZoneAlarm 10 Free + Firewall went gold, one of the things that was said in its product introduction page was about providing security. Yet, without a full installer, a user is exposed entirely until the download is completed. So, a full installer is needed. Or, at least, don't download the AV definitions at the time of installation. Once the firewall is up, then download the necessary components for the AV. However, a full installer with the AV definitions included in the package is still the better way to go. Past versions had full installers, even if you had to dig around to find them. All I see for ZA 10 Free + Firewall is a 6 MB downloader. If someone can post me to a full download, then, by all means do. LOL Until then, I am making this feedback post for future versions to have fully capable installers posted in the future.