I had ZA Security Suite on my HTPC for a year, as I got a deal on it. Then the subscription ran out and I figured the Free version woudl suffice.

I uninstalled the old version, restarted, then tried to install the Free version using zaSetupWeb_102_047_000. It gives this error:

"Your current version of Zonealarm needs to be uninstalled first. After Zonealarm has been uninstalled please proceed with install this new verwsion.

Click "Yes" to uninstall and "No" to exit.

I click "yes", and my CPU does a bit of thinking for a couple seconds, adn then nothign happens.

Then deleted all the Checkpoint folders in Program Files and Program Data, and User]Name\Appdata\, and looked for a couple ZA* files that i read may be left over in my System32 fodler, but none were there.

I've also tried the latest ZA Cleaner i codul find, but with no change.

What on earth am I missing?

Any help woudl be great, thanks.