Maybe that isn't the issue. It seems as if now the program is set to get settings it wants. It's frustrating. I have some programs that I have set to ask. I ALWAYS want them set that way, I've always had them set that way [Yes, maybe it's not necessary, but we all have our quirks !] I just finally updated though I don't like the newer versions. Now when I get the pop up asking if you want to access there a box that is checked saying remember the answer and one of the options is not 'yes, but always ask That means that I have two steps and if I click yes without thinking and unchecking the box, which I never had to do before, I"ve now got to go in and changed the settings again. How to remove that check mark so it's not checked as default? I thought maybe if Smart Defense Advisor can be turned off that would it, though maybe not.