I have had ZA free firewall for many years. The other day, I noticed that the icon usually seen in the bottom right corner of the desktop was missing. I went to programs and tried to open the ZA window fro the icon there, but it wouldn't respond. I went to the ZA support chat and was advised to go through a process of uninstalling ZA completely and cleaning up some temp files, then reinstalling. I did all this, and it seemed successful, but the result was the same, no icon and the window won't open. I went back to chat and they suggested reinstalling again

I wonder whether the firewall is actually working in spite of the icon not responding.

Another person, not at ZA, told me I don't really need ZA because Windows has its own firewall. Is this so? I'm about ready to give up ZA if it will require more expenditure of time to fix it. I've already spent a cumulative half a day.