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Thread: [SOLVED] installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

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    Default [SOLVED] installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    I have had ZA free firewall for many years. The other day, I noticed that the icon usually seen in the bottom right corner of the desktop was missing. I went to programs and tried to open the ZA window fro the icon there, but it wouldn't respond. I went to the ZA support chat and was advised to go through a process of uninstalling ZA completely and cleaning up some temp files, then reinstalling. I did all this, and it seemed successful, but the result was the same, no icon and the window won't open. I went back to chat and they suggested reinstalling again

    I wonder whether the firewall is actually working in spite of the icon not responding.

    Another person, not at ZA, told me I don't really need ZA because Windows has its own firewall. Is this so? I'm about ready to give up ZA if it will require more expenditure of time to fix it. I've already spent a cumulative half a day.

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive


    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country, or around the World,

    without All the Details about your computer it's Windows Software version and what type and Version of Zone Alarm that you failed to provide, without our ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    1.) Please Give the Exact Type and version of Zone Alarm used, Windows Version & SP Update used, Browser type and version, any other security tools installed.

    2.) if you have Windows 7, then it has it's own Free Firewall that provides good protection..

    3.) How do I get support for the Free ZoneAlarm product <== click here
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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    I don't know the name of the ZA version, but it is whatever is now the free firewall. I use Windows XP. I don't know what is meant by "SP". I have AVG free anti-virus, which I've had for years. I also have Spybot S&D, which is only active when I run it on rare occasion, and I haven't run it since this problem began. I use Mozilla Firefox.

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    Thank you for this reply. When I reinstalled ZA I was aware of the new combination firewall and anti-virus version. It had been offered to me, but I declined it because I had AVG, and when I reinstalled ZA I made a point of downloading the firewall only version. That is, unless there is no separate firewall anymore. Does the firewall always include the anti-virus now? My AVG seems to be working, although ZA seems not to be.

    What isn't clear to me is why ZA disappeared or went dormant in the first place. I had not downloaded the new ZA at that point.

    In the event that I cannot get ZA running, how can I be sure that the Windows firewall is running? I assume it has been disabled at this point. Is there any advantage to using ZA instead?

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    James Peters, You're question in advantage in using ZoneAarm is a no-brainer.

    ZoneAlarm Firewall is Two-way Firewall protecting inbound & outbound traffic where Windows Firewall in XP OS only inbound protection.

    Btw : If your OS is fully patch you should be using XP SP3 (Service Pack) collection of updates and fixes

    Have a nice Day
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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    Thanks for the responses. I still find some confusion. I just looked on this ZA page:

    It shows a choice of "ZoneAlarm® Free Antivirus + Firewall"
    or "ZoneAlarm Free Firewall"

    It is the "ZoneAlarm Free Firewall" that I downloaded. Am I safe to keep AVG if I downoad only the "ZoneAlarm Free Firewall" from that page? If so I will attempt reinstall of ZA a third time.

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    Yes you should be able to use AVG with version :

    FAQ at this link :

    Have a nice Day

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    Thanks for the help. I finally seem to have ZA working again.

    One further question. A box comes up asking me to select a security zone for the wireless network at my IP address. I'm to choose Public or Trusted. I don't know which to choose. I don't need to share with other computers, but I have an internet radio which can be used to play media files from the computer. I want to allow this. Do I need to choose Trusted? Someone else has a computer on this wireless network. Would this person be able to access my computer?

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    Quote Originally Posted by James Peters View Post
    One further question.
    It would be best to get acquainted with ZoneAlarm Help Center to find all answers you seek.

    Configuring a new network connection

    In This Section, See Also the following :

    Using the Network Configuration Wizard

    About Wireless Network Configuration

    Configuring for networks and resources

    Have a nice Day

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    Default Re: installed Free ZA firewall may be inactive

    I would like to provide you one last link to help you.

    The default firewall security levels (High for the Public Zone, Med. for the Trusted Zone) protect you from hacker activity (such as a port scan), while enabling you to share printers, files, and other resources with trusted computers on your local network. In most cases, you don’t have to make any adjustment to these defaults. You’re protected as soon as ZoneAlarm security software is installed!

    Setting the security level for a Zone :

    Have no other suggestion to offer you.Help Menu will provide you all the information you require to use ZoneAlarm.Good luck.

    Have a nice Day
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