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Thread: [SOLVED] Installed ZA Free AV and Wireless Adaptor deleted --> Reinstall drivers

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    Thumbs up [SOLVED] Installed ZA Free AV and Wireless Adaptor deleted --> Reinstall drivers

    Hi, just thought I should let everyone know this.

    Yesterday, after I updated ZoneAlarm Free Firewall to the Anti-virus and Anti-spyware package, my wireless network adaptor disappeared from My Network Connections, rendering me incapable of connecting wirelessly to the internet.
    Somehow, ZoneAlarm must have uninstalled my network adaptor driver.

    Fortunately, after reinstalling the driver, everything is working again. However, I'm fairly reluctant to trust ZoneAlarm again.

    Does anyone have any idea of what went wrong? Could it be a glitch in the software?

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    Default Re: Installed ZA Free and Wireless Network Adaptor Driver deleted


    ZA cannot delete your network adapter software. Probably just a coincidence in which the corruption just happened at the same time of the updating.

    Considering you have already resolved it I will revise the title thread and closing it. Please do not hesitate to open a new thread for any other problem in which you need user support.

    For other user reading this please ensure you removing other security tools before installing ZA antivirus. The new ZAfree include both a firewall and an antivirus and there may be issues if you run different AVs at the same time. Please also consider to remove the previous version of ZA. Incorrect settings, corrupted install on non functional ZA may affect the new install. Start clean.


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