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Thread: Spam email always showing "loading" with ZA Free + AV

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    Default Spam email always showing "loading" with ZA Free + AV


    I have a primary email account @ comcast. When I place the cursor over a received email it shows the sender and ISP, such as Within the last week some spam emails continuously show "loading" instead of of the other info. Whether I put this in the spam folder or trash can it continues to show "loading", even much later. I will not even view source on these. They are deleted immediately.

    Is his more likely to be a new virus or a result of my manually adding previous spammer IP addresses to my blocked zones?

    Am running Free Firewall & Antivirus

    Thanks much,

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    Default Re: Spam email always showing "loading" with ZA Free + AV

    Most probably the result of adding IPs in ZA, you can't filter emails by adding IPs in ZA firewall but you need to use a proper spam filter in your e-mail client.


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