Hi there,

I successfully installed DataLock on 3 laptops but the 4th one refused to install and gave me the following error message:
"Desktop computers need PS/2 mouse connected
Connect PS/2 mouse"
This of course doesn't make any sense for several reasons:
1) The machine is a laptop not a desktop.
2) I successfully installed DataLock on 3 other laptops that don't have a PS/2 mouse.
3) Why is Zonealarm marketing DataLock for laptops if it doesn't work 100%?

I had two very frustrating chat sessions with totally incompetent ZA tech support. The only support they offered was that I should buy a PS/2 adapter which is obviously totally ridiculous considering that ZA's product simply has a severe bug.

Any recommendations?


PS: Laptop runs XP Pro SP3 all updated and in perfect shape with the newest version of ZA Extreme Security with DataLock.